SUBTLE AUDIO is an outlet for Drum and Bass in it's most expressive form. We aim to release music that will work your mind as hard as your feet - and both at the same time! We hope to usurp many preconceptions of what Drum and Bass is supposed to be about with tunes that will continue to surprise ears long after their release.





Monday April 11th 2011

We like working with French producer Naibu here at Subtle Audio and have been lucky to release some quality music from him over the years, including "Theme From Harajuku Station", "Nightscape" and "The Cycle Theme". When he approached us with an idea to raise money for the victims of the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan recently we were only too happy to oblige him. It was on this date last month that the natural disaster claimed the lives of many and the fallout continues to affect those left homeless following the coastal destruction. The earthquake also caused damage to the Fukishima Dai-ichi nuclear plant and many who lived in its vicinity have had to evacuate their homes.

This 4 track EP was compiled to raise awareness of the continued need for assistance in Japan within the electronic music community and Naibu invites you to contribute sums, little or large, to the Red Cross relief fund. In case you hadn't heard, the Red Cross is an agency that collects donations and puts the money to work in a practical way in areas affected by disaster. Click here to see how the money is being put to use. Donations to the cause can be made by visiting this webpage :

Naibu's  - "Japan Relief" EP is available to download for free here :

Monday August 2nd 2010

The official release of Polska's "2nd Rate" album release is today! Of course, some of you may already have this as it has been available in the Subtle Audio Shop since May (there are still a few copies left).

"2nd Rate" comes on 2 CD's with 20 tracks, a myriad of tempos and influences and a wide range of instrumentation. This is the resurrection of breakbeats and melody in a year when many have heralded minimalism as the way forward.

Play through the Youtube videos below to hear snippets of all the tracks from CD 1 & 2, or check the sounds in the Subtle Audio Shop or on the Subtle Audio Soundcloud page. You might also like to check Khal's review of "2nd Rate" taken from the DOA site.

Polska - "2nd Rate" (SUBTLE003CD)

CD 1 Tracks (D&B)


CD 2 Tracks (Downtempo / Breakbeat / Jazz)


... thanks to everyone who has supported the release so far ! And don't forget, there's a 12" Vinyl sampler with 2 extra tracks not on the CD (including an Equinox remix of "Outvert").


Some (direct) shop links if you are looking for a copy of the CD / Vinyl from other stockists :

Juno Records


Chemical Records

Redeye Records

Intense Records


Monday July 5th 2010

Subtle Audio makes it's return to the vinyl fold with 3 new tracks by Austria's Sub for SUBTLE013. There are still some copies available in the Subtle Audio Shop !

Living at high altitude in his native land, it comes as no surprise that these tracks exude an icy sound.

“Tensions” is a beautifully delicate piece of D&B. Sharp snares, hi-hats and drifting atmospheres are underpinned by a sub-zero bass sound. Suddenly the beats thicken and become twisted and glitchy. It's almost as if a frozen lake you were standing on is beginning to crack and give way!

“Halleluja” is on the half-speed tip and will not even sound like D&B to most. Choir voices are interrupted by a stepping beat and a shuddering, dirty bassline, offset by a world of icey atmospherics, echoes and feedback. This sound is truly from another planet.

“Hydra” is something a little different for Subtle Audio – clocking in at 120bpm but it certainly doesn't sound like house or techno! It's a nicely mellow track with a lurching, jerky beat that is filtered and reversed but always rhythmical. Dark Rhodes keys and then a bright piano line ensure a nice variance of mood in this beautifully balanced piece.

Audio clips :

Sub - Tensions

Sub - Halleluja

Sub - Hydra

Copies also available from :

Juno Records


Chemical Records

Redeye Records

Intense Records


Sunday June 21st 2009

The Macc & dgoHn album "Some Shit Saaink" is now available to pre-order. We are offering a special bundle package of the Vinyl & CD versions of the album, aswell as 3 bonus Download Tracks to those who order direct from our site. Read more !

Also, available are the digital download versions of all the tracks from the SUBTLE011 & SUBTLE012 vinyl releases (featuring Nebula / Sub & Vaccine) are now available to download in high quality mp3 format (320 kbs) from our online shop.


Wednesday June 17th 2009

Check our new Subtle Audio Blog for updates on the Macc & dgoHn album "Some Shit Saaink". This was due for release on Monday June 15th but isn't in stock just yet. It won't be long though. You can hear some audio previews on the Subtle Audio Myspace or on the blog itself.

Keep an eye on the blog for news on future releases, archive's of the Subtle Audio Radio Show and details of upcoming gig's etc.


Dissident "Universe Eat Universe" video

The full-length video for Dissident's 'Universe Eat Universe' tune is online, watch it in the player below or view and comment on YouTube.

Like what you hear? Then get the vinyl or download at in the Subtle Audio Shop.