A Decade In Breakbeat – Mix Competiton


With the release of our ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ compilation imminent, we’ve been thinking of ways to celebrate our 10 years in this music game, and, what better way to celebrate than hand over to the people that have kept us alive over those 10 years – the supporters.

So, here’s the idea…

We’re inviting you to put together an hour long mix of Subtle Audio tunes released on vinyl, CD or as a digital download over the last 10 years or so. We’ll give the winner a free copy of the new ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ compilation release on vinyl and CD. AND – the winners mix will also be posted on the Subtle Audio site. We will also be posting 2 others mixes we like, so why not have a go !

Now, just to spell it out a bit more…

  1. Mixes should be a minimum of 60 minutes in length
  2. Deadline for entries is Friday July 22nd at 6pm GMT
  3. ONLY music from the Subtle Audio back calatog should feature in the mix. This means you can’t include music from our sub-label Bustle Beats 😉
  4. Please upload your entry to WeTransfer – https://www.wetransfer.com/ and add our email address : info AT subtleaudiorecordings dot com
  5. ^ Don’t forget to replace the ‘AT’ with @ and the ‘dot’ with one of these .
  6. Not three of these …
  7. Just one of these .


Code – Subtle Audio Show, live on Jungletrain – June 12th 2016

Permanent Download Link —> https://www.mediafire.com/download/bsh8eu88b145u7u/Code-SubtleAudioShow_Jungletrain_2016-06-12.mp3

Tracklist :
1. Machine – Off The Cuff (Spirit Remix) (Creative Wax)
2. Solid State – Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files) (Renegade Recordings)
3. Mecca – Solar Ice (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
4. Seba & Paradox – Frost (Bassbin)
5. Skitty – Take Your Time (AKO Beatz)
6. Equinox – Love Thy Brother (Breakage Remix) (Bassbin)
7. Speak – Stone Giants (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
8. Ricky Force – Celestial (Naphta Remix) (Criterion)
9. Pascal – Cool Manoeuvre (Tru Playaz)
10. NCQL – Nocturnalist (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
11. Kindred Spirit – Holy Amen Love (Eastern Promise)
12. D-Bridge – Original World (Exit)
13. Scale – Rage (Omni Music)
14. Tactical Aspect – Untitled (Detrimental Audio, unreleased)
15. Rufige Kru – Is This Real ? (Exit)
16. Alias (Breakage & Flight) – Can I (Critical)
17. NCQL – Breath Of The Eve (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
18. Dub One feat Perry Jackson – Everything To Me (Unreleased)
19. Mecca – Analysis (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
20. Triple Sickz – Murder Sound (Danger Chamber, unreleased)
21. Sonar Circle – Havoc (Reinforced)
22. Lopez – Beyond Fear (previously unreleased from 1997 – 8205 Recordings)
23. Earl Grey – Inner Conflict (Headwinds Album – Inperspective, unreleased)
24. Kyam – NOLA (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
25. Lemon D – City Lights (Prototype)
26. Krust – Ideal World (Full Cycle)
27. Relapse – Break Through (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)
28. Stormtroopers (aka Delta & Format) – Happy (Penny Black)
29. Ornette Hawkins – Jazz Police (A Decade In Breakbeat – Subtle Audio, unreleased)