A Decade In Breakbeat

Subtle Audio celebrated 10 years of bringing breakbeat D&B / Jungle to the masses in May 2015.
We’re marking the occasion (only a year late!) with a special compilation release – ‘A Decade In Breakbeat’.
There’ll be a 3×12″ Vinyl version and a CD version too with a different selection of tracks on both.
Some of our regular contributors from our first decade will be featured as well as some brand new signings … expect to hear music from Nebula, Dub One, Alpha Omega (Earl Grey & Aroma Nice Remix), Mecca, NCQL, Reactiv, Nic TVG (Enjoy Remix), Dissident, SpeaK, Kyam, Ornette Hawkins, Polska (Reborn Remix), Enjoy, Relapse, Scale, Maledicent and Psycho Mantis. We should have a pre-order option (and audio clips) in our shop soon, but until then here are some pics from our first ‘decade in breakbeat’ …