Subtle Statement

Welcome to the Subtle Audio Recordings website !
We’re an Irish-based label that promotes the sound of breakbeat D&B / Jungle / Drumfunk in the main, but we’ve been known to veer off the 160 – 170bpm path from time to time to bring you techno, electronica and downtempo beats too.

The label is heavily influenced by the Hardcore / Jungle sound of the early to mid-nineties.
Since our launch in 2005, our mission has been to preserve the spirit of that music and, further, to re-imagine it.

We work with a number of artists from around to world to deliver our vision – some our most regular contributors include : Equinox (UK), Nebula (UK), Macc & dgoHn (UK), Earl Grey (UK), Enjoy (Italy), Dissident (Russia), NCQL (USA), Nic TVG (USA) as well as the Irish natives Mecca, Polska and Code.

There are plenty of tracks, mixes and artist profiles to check out on this site – we hope you like what you hear and read. You can support our releases directly via our web shop —>