Elysian Boundary EP – beats for a good cause

Just in case you hadn’t heard, we recently collaborated with two other labels we really respect on a 3×12″ vinyl release titled the ‘Elysian Boundary’. The idea for the release was initially proposed by Simon Hesford (7th Storey Projects) as a way of celebrating the life of his mother Elaine who passed away in May 2017. With all the proceeds set to benefit charity we were on board straight away (as were the Scientific Wax stable). At the time of writing (after a great response from the D&B / Jungle community) 2 separate donations of £1788 have been made to Macmillan Cancer Support and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. Even at this late stage there are still a few copies of the vinyl available if you want to support —> http://seventhstoreyprojects.com/various-elysian-boundary-7thsubsci001- scientific-wax-subtle-audio-7th-storey-projects-3×12-limited-vinyl/

Here’s the official 7th Storey Projects press release (audio clips via Soundcloud below too) …

“7th Storey Projects, Subtle Audio and Scientific Wax join forces to proudly present ‘Elysian Boundary’, a 3-disc, vinyl-only journey through drum & bass and jungle. Featuring 6 epic tracks from some of the scene’s best-loved and most talented artists, including Equinox, Nebula, Code, Mecca, Drum Cypha & Mantra and Fushara.

This very special release was inspired by the death of my mother last year, and as such, all profits from this release will be donated to Cancer Support and Children’s charities whom she supported during her life – so your support will not only be hugely appreciated by the artists and labels, but will also help raise money for some very worthy causes. All tracks have been mastered and cut by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, pressed at Optimal:Media in Germany and sleeved with art by the one and only Tim Reaper.

Although the release is being spearheaded by 7th Storey Projects – it simply could not have been possible without the enthusiasm of the artists and the participation of the Subtle Audio and Scientific Wax labels. A host of industry personnel contributed their time and resources to help in the complicated task of bringing this release to fruition. Words can barely express how grateful we are to everyone who has been involved.

To quote Code @ Subtle Audio: “A Junglist celebrates, grieves and remembers through amen, so we said it in the way we know best”.

Many thanks Simon, 7th Storey Projects, January 2018.”

New releases on Subtle Audio and Bustle Beats – Pre-Order Now!

We have 2 brand new releases featuring beats by Dub One, Nebula and Enjoy available to pre-order from our shop right now!

** You can check audio clips, artwork and order options here **



SUBTLE021 12″ :: DUB ONE – Everything To Me / The Weak Never Forgive / Taken From This World

BUSTLE006 10″ :: NEBULA / ENJOY – Messages / Off Duty Funk

At this stage we’ve received test pressings of both releases which sound really good and all the artwork has been sent to the pressing plant, so we’re expecting to be shipping both vinyls in or around Monday June 19th.

Both releases come with full artwork labels. The Subtle Audio 12″ comes in a custom Subtle Audio logo sleeve and the Bustle Beats 10″ comes with a 9×9″ sticker which you can put on the sleeve or somewhere else if you prefer! All tracks mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven.

Respects to Dub One, Perry Jackson, MDR, Nebula and Enjoy for making this great music and thanks to everyone who has already supported.
Hope you dig the beats !

Code – Subtle Audio Show live on Jungletrain – May 21st 2017 (1992-97 Oldskool Special)

Permanent Download Link —> http://www.mediafire.com/file/fhbpapv1wjfv3br/Code-SubtleAudioShow_Jungletrain_2017-05-21.mp3

Tracklist :
1. Bodysnatch – The Strength (Neuro Quest Mix) (Big City)
2. The Matchstick Man – Darkside Religion (7th Storey Projects)
3. Naughty Naughty – Free (Naughty Trax Vol I – Rugged Vinyl)
4. Inta Warriors (Grooverider) – Your Love Is Yours (Dee Jay)
5. Chalke – The Future (Original Mix) (Force Of Nature)
6. The White House Crew (aka Intense) – Where The Sun Don’t Shine (Subliminal / Keeping Vinyl Alive)
7. From The Man Like Pennywise – Suspension Of Disbelief (Symphony Sounds)
8. FBD Project – The Core (Neil Trix Remix) (Bang-In-Tunes)
9. Danny Breaks – Vol I Side B (Dubplate Mix) (Vaultron – Droppin Science)
10. Johnny Jungle – Devoted Drummer (Suburban Base)
11. DJ Crystl – Live EP (Lucky Spin)
12. Jungle Bunnies – We No Bout Dub (Equinox VIP) (Unreleased)
13. Area 39 – Whatever (Too’z Up)
14. Liftin’ Spirits – Will I Dream (Liftin Spirits)
15. Opium & Formula 7 – Dance With Me (Formula 7 Remix) (Quayside)
16. JMJ & Richie – Case Reopened (Deep Blue Remix) (Moving Shadow)
17. FBD Project – Gesture Without Motion (94 VIP) (Bang-In-Tunes)
18. Goldie – Sea Of Tears (Metalheadz / FFRR)
19. Goldie – Angel (Internal Affairs Remix) (Synthetic)
20. DJ Scoobie – Deep In Dub (Double Deep Mix) (Strictly Underground)
21. DJ Undacut – Floating (Deep & Dark)
22. Monica – Aint Nobody (Armand Van Helden Bootleg) (AV8)
23. Natural Mystic (aka Digital) – Lazy Pt.2 (Fresh 86)
24. Primary Motive – Venom (Creative Source)
25. Basic Influence – Still Waters (Run Deep Mix) (Hardleaders)
26. Sub Sequence – Danger (Too’z Up)
27. Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – We Go (Ruff Kut)
28. Asend & Ultravibe – Kop Killa (Second Movement)
29. DJ Rap – Universal Mind (Breakdown)
30. Override (aka Klute) – Vista Pt 2 (Octopus)
31. Nebula – Messages (Bustle Beats – Test Press)

Code – Subtle Audio Show live on Jungletrain – May 7th 2017

Permanent Download Link —> http://www.mediafire.com/file/r36z41m8141z4kk/Code-SubtleAudioShow_Jungletrain_2017-05-07.mp3

Tracklist :
1. Skitty – Doctor Doctor (Foundation X)
2. Calibre – Rockafella (Critical)
3. Equinox – Culture Warrior (Scientific Wax)
4. Latent Notion – Taper (Unreleased)
5. Earl Grey – Burnt Letters (Next Phase – Unreleased)
6. Dub One & Blatant – Move (Unreleased)
7. Cultura Probase – Flying To Nowhere (Suv Remix) (Full Cycle)
8. K3Bee – Equate (Jungle Warfare – Unreleased)
9. Optical – 3-Step (20 Years Of Optical – Virus)
10. Scape – Spirit World (Unreleased)
11. Jonny L – Move Upon (Piranha)
12. Dub One feat InPhiltrate – Bunco Man (Unreleased)
13. Cybotron feat Dillinja – Light Years (Prototype)
14. Ash – Bashment (Broken Audio)
15. Djinn – Pressure (Foundation X – Unreleased)
16. Enjoy – Off Duty Funk (Bustle Beats – Unreleased)
17. Scale – ????? (Unreleased)
18. Martianman – ????? (Unreleased)
19. Code – From The Heart (Unreleased)
20. Scale – Theme Of K (K – Dysfunk Music)
21. Elementz Of Noize – Rise & Fall (En – Elementz Of Noize Bandcamp)
22. Skitty – Take Your Time (AKO Beatz)
23. Liftin Spirits – Cup A Cha (Liftin Spirits)
24. Scale – Rage (Omni Music)
25. Code – Depths (Unreleased)
26. Nebula – Rarity (Astronomy – Scientific Wax)
27. Spacer feat Alison Goldfrapp – Contrazoom (Pussyfoot)

‘A Decade In Breakbeat’ Mix Competition, and the winner is…


Congratulations to Cerberus who will receive a copy of the ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ album on vinyl and CD.
It took quite a while to decide the winner of the competition as all the entries were really good, so thanks to everyone who entered.
We originally said we’d post the 3 best mixes up, but seeing as every mix had us vibing we thought we’d post them all !
Should be able to add full tracklistings very soon too. You can stream any of the mixes on the players below, or right click on any DJ name and then select ‘Save As’ to download that DJ’s mix.

Just to recap, the DJ’s could only use tracks released on Subtle Audio in their mixes and each entry had to be at least an hour long (we allowed it if it was a minute or two short!)





Dugy B




Dissident – “Overself Archipelago”, the video !

Dissident is a real artist in our eyes – someone that steps back from the cliches and takes the time to sculpt his own sound and direction. And now he shows he’s not only adept in the field of sonics but in the visual realm too. Check this video he made for his track “Overself Archipelago” which has just been released on the ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ CD compilation – available now from our store —> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/shop