New releases on Subtle Audio and Bustle Beats – Pre-Order Now!

We have 2 brand new releases featuring beats by Dub One, Nebula and Enjoy available to pre-order from our shop right now!

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SUBTLE021 12″ :: DUB ONE – Everything To Me / The Weak Never Forgive / Taken From This World

BUSTLE006 10″ :: NEBULA / ENJOY – Messages / Off Duty Funk

At this stage we’ve received test pressings of both releases which sound really good and all the artwork has been sent to the pressing plant, so we’re expecting to be shipping both vinyls in or around Monday June 19th.

Both releases come with full artwork labels. The Subtle Audio 12″ comes in a custom Subtle Audio logo sleeve and the Bustle Beats 10″ comes with a 9×9″ sticker which you can put on the sleeve or somewhere else if you prefer! All tracks mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven.

Respects to Dub One, Perry Jackson, MDR, Nebula and Enjoy for making this great music and thanks to everyone who has already supported.
Hope you dig the beats !

Code – Subtle Audio Show live on Jungletrain – May 7th 2017

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Tracklist :
1. Skitty – Doctor Doctor (Foundation X)
2. Calibre – Rockafella (Critical)
3. Equinox – Culture Warrior (Scientific Wax)
4. Latent Notion – Taper (Unreleased)
5. Earl Grey – Burnt Letters (Next Phase – Unreleased)
6. Dub One & Blatant – Move (Unreleased)
7. Cultura Probase – Flying To Nowhere (Suv Remix) (Full Cycle)
8. K3Bee – Equate (Jungle Warfare – Unreleased)
9. Optical – 3-Step (20 Years Of Optical – Virus)
10. Scape – Spirit World (Unreleased)
11. Jonny L – Move Upon (Piranha)
12. Dub One feat InPhiltrate – Bunco Man (Unreleased)
13. Cybotron feat Dillinja – Light Years (Prototype)
14. Ash – Bashment (Broken Audio)
15. Djinn – Pressure (Foundation X – Unreleased)
16. Enjoy – Off Duty Funk (Bustle Beats – Unreleased)
17. Scale – ????? (Unreleased)
18. Martianman – ????? (Unreleased)
19. Code – From The Heart (Unreleased)
20. Scale – Theme Of K (K – Dysfunk Music)
21. Elementz Of Noize – Rise & Fall (En – Elementz Of Noize Bandcamp)
22. Skitty – Take Your Time (AKO Beatz)
23. Liftin Spirits – Cup A Cha (Liftin Spirits)
24. Scale – Rage (Omni Music)
25. Code – Depths (Unreleased)
26. Nebula – Rarity (Astronomy – Scientific Wax)
27. Spacer feat Alison Goldfrapp – Contrazoom (Pussyfoot)

Dissident – “Overself Archipelago”, the video !

Dissident is a real artist in our eyes – someone that steps back from the cliches and takes the time to sculpt his own sound and direction. And now he shows he’s not only adept in the field of sonics but in the visual realm too. Check this video he made for his track “Overself Archipelago” which has just been released on the ‘Decade In Breakbeat’ CD compilation – available now from our store —>